uClient Application

Perfecting Advanced Display Applications

Userful’s new performance uClient adapter enables 8K resolution, making it possible to customize content for large-scale video walls with multi-source canvases tailored to specific visualization needs.



Leveraging Smart Displays with Userful

Userful’s uClient app leverages the SoC capabilities of smart displays to remove the constraints of proprietary hardware — providing advanced display solutions for operation centers, data dashboards, collaboration spaces, and corporate signage.

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Connect Any Display With Certified uClient Adapters

Userful’s uClient adapters enables any display, from any brand (even legacy displays) to run the uClient software app via a certified and capable device. This display-agnostic adapter features a powerful video processor that outputs up to 8K resolution per display.

Benefits of our uClient Application

8K Resolution

Output up to 8K per display and unlimited resolution on video walls.

Less Hardware

Connect directly with any smart display via SoC integration, or certified uClient Adapters

Scalable & Efficient

Smart displays simplify scaling and efficient power management minimizes operating expenses.


uClient updates delivered by Userful's Infinity Platform

Any Content

Support any content through local playback on a uClient connected to Userful's platform for any use case.

Manageable & Cloud-based

IT has the tools required to manage at scale and is compatible with all of Userful's server architectures.


Central Manageability

Userful’s uClient’s can be centrally managed by IT and admin teams, ensuring that they are up to date, running efficiently, securely with minimal effort.

  • Status
  • Updates
  • Power Management and Scheduling
  • Remote Reboots
  • Lock-device mode

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