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Airports & Transportation

Optimize operational efficiency, enhance passenger experience, and ensure safety through emergency readiness.
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A Single Solution to Manage Operations and Logistics

Userful's Infinity platform facilitates clear communication of critical information, such as announcements and security alerts, ensuring passengers and staff remain informed. Integrate surveillance cameras and monitoring systems to improve security measures, providing real-time footage to identify and respond to potential threats. Leverage Userful's platform for flight information display systems, and improve overall operational efficiency by enabling passengers to easily navigate transportation hubs.

The world’s top airports & transportation companies already leverage and trust Userful’s Infinity Platform

A Major U.S. Airport

A prominent U.S. city with two major airports sought Userful's assistance in centrally managing digital signage screens from their data center. By deploying Userful's platform, the airports achieved centralized management for over 60 screens across both facilities.

Following the initial deployment, the city's aviation team implemented Userful's platform to aggregate and manage multiple real-time data sources such as airport perimeter tracking technology and other security systems. With Userful, the city's aviation team was able to simplify its system architecture and reduce the total cost of ownership.

vnp mockup, uClient, screen showing a map, 2 security cameras and a video manager, and laptop

The Infinity Platform for Airports & Transportation

Providing IT the all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of mission-critical operations.

  • Centralized management
  • Automatic failover
  • Browser-based (HTML5)
  • Enhanced security and system monitoring
  • Automation & intelligent workflows
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