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Userful Multiplatform + Atrust is a simple and cost-effective solution to deploy cloud browser, Windows and Linux desktops on cost effective Atrust zero client devices. IT Administrators can deploy more than 20 virtual desktops from 1 computer. Each user gets an independent and high performance computing experience.

Organizations can save on VDI licensing by deploying Windows virtual desktops only when necessary. If users only need a browser to access Google applications, for example, no operating system is needed, simply set a Chrome based virtual desktop. If users work with Open Source Office applications, set a Linux desktop.

For Education

  • Great for public and private schools, classrooms, libraries, community centers, etc.

  • Increase access to computer-based education by maximizing the number of computers that can be purchased with the same budget.

  • Monitor & control usage, content and applications of all the workstations.

  • Deploy computer stations locally or nation-wide.

  • Enjoy hundreds of free educational applications and games.

  • Flexible layout with Ethernet, easily scalable, secure and reliable.

For Business

  • Cost-effective solution great for small/medium offices, desk-less workers, Internet Kiosks, reception desks, etc.

  • Provide different staff members with a familiar Operating System - Windows, Linux or cloud browser with the click of a button

  • Deploy twice as many computer stations for the same budget.

  • Pay for the hardware with electricity savings in 3 years or less.

  • Cut IT staff costs with central management.

  • Flexible layout with Ethernet, easily scalable, secure and reliable.



  • Easy transition to cloud computing

  • Atrust Userful MultiPlatform Solution is easy to transit to Cloud and/or Linux desktops.

  • Deploy the zero client stations where needed

  • Zero clients can be connected to Ethernet ports and/or to USB ports on the host PC.

  • No single point of failure

  • In case of hardware failure, zero clients connected to one host throught the LAN are automatically transferred to another Userful host in the LAN.

  • Run cloud sessions

  • Users that only need web applications can run browser based stations.

  • Simple plug and play setup

  • Grow simply by adding stations as needed.

Significant cost-savings

  • Zero client devices cost lower than traditional PC and consume only 3W of power.

  • Lower up-front and ongoing IT costs.

  • Reduce software licensing costs by using free open source applications (with Linux OS).

  • Reduce electricity consumption.

  • Less space and cabling required.

  • Save staff time - install software on one PC, and software is available to all users on each connected station.

Get the Power of Atrust Zero Client Devices

Based on Userful MultiPlatform, Atrust offers an integrated system solution incorporating the host server(Atrust st110A), zero clients(m300/m302/m320).You can choose among or combine different types of clients to suit your needs. The solution enables a host server to power multiple and independent stations. Each station only consists of one station hub (zero client) with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected, allowing multiple users to share the computing power of one single server. Simply through a USB or LAN connection, the server provides each station user with a familiar and independent Windows, Linux or Cloud browser experience.

Atrust devices

m300 Zero Clients (USB) - Get the power of plug and play set up with USB Zero Clients, at the lowest possible cost. Optimal for cluster computing, up to 20 or more workstations can be within cable distance of the host PC.

m302 Zero Clients (USB) - Get the power of plug and play set up with USB Zero Clients with extra USB ports. Optimal for cluster computing, up to 20 or more workstations can be within cable distance of the host PC.

m320 Zero Clients (LAN) - For use with Ethernet deployments, and offering the most flexibility, this device allows the administrator to set up workstations at any distance from the host PC or Server.

Server st111A - For best compatibility, high speed and power, use the Atrust Server st111A with the Atrust + Userful Multiplatform solution. Atrust st110A is an Intel Ivy Bridge platform tower server that designed to meet the needs of many IT environments with comprehensive enterprise-class manageability. Designed as a best choice for client/server computing and remote desktop capable environments.

Userful School Computing

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