Connecting teaching and learning through centralized computing solutions
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Affordable, Flexible and Simple Desktop Computing Solution for Schools

Learning in classrooms around the world has moved beyond books into a limitless wealth of online access to content and tools that empower students and teachers to connect to resources and communicate with subject matter experts, no matter where they are located. Underlying connected learning is a reliable computing infrastructure that meets the most demanding multi-media performance needs of any learner, but is a sustainable solution to implement, scale and maintain.

The facts about zero client computing

Centralized computing platforms that power teaching and learning are the next generation of computing. Any standard computer today has more than enough computing power for searching for content online, creating projects or new multimedia content, communicating using video or text email, blogs and social media, and consuming content like streaming videos, or through productivity and learning apps. With a traditional computing model of one computer for each student, a large portion of computing power sits idle. A new centralized client model for computing enables educators to provide high performance computing with increased flexibility across multiple operating systems to more classrooms, teachers and students, with the same or reduced budget.

Userful Software Platform

Empowering connected learning

Desktop Virtualization Infographic with Userful

Students and educators need to access learning using a multitude of computing devices in a classroom. With Userful software, educators can create technology-enabled collaborative learning environments without investing in complex computing infrastructure or an array of proprietary devices. Educators can invest in Userful Multiplatform software to enable one computer to power up to twenty computer stations located anywhere within a network.

Userful Multiplatform includes a Linux-based operating system which can also virtually deploy Microsoft Windows or cloud-based operating systems like Google Chrome to all or a mix of connected computer stations to increase mixed environment flexibility and greatly reduce software licensing costs.

An ideal complement to the Userful Multiplatform solution is the Userful Desktop software solution which enables educators to create cloud-managed desktop computer stations that can be managed from any device. Userful Desktop offers a mix of pre-configured desktop environments that can be customized based on educator and student needs in any learning environment, and can only be altered through administrator access.


Userful Multiplatform software

Userful Desktop public computing software

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Userful Multiplatform™ computing platform allows up to 20 displays, workstations or touchscreens, each with a choice of OS or browser computing, to be powered and managed from just 1 host PC or server.
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Userful Desktop™ public computing platform delivers computing power with integrated desktop applications or rich content to twenty computers, kiosks or digital signs from a standard, central computer.


Case Studies

Igniting learning in a classroom or a countryCase studies showcasing the benefits of the Userful solution 

Featured Case Study

Students and teachers in classrooms around the world access a world of knowledge with computer solutions powered by Userful software. In the country of Brazil, the Ministry of Education brought education technology to all of its teachers and students through the world's largest digital inclusion project and with Userful software.

Case Studies

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Userful Multiplatform
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Userful Desktop
Manuel González Prada School: a Userful case study in Peru
Manuel González Prada School
Compared to a 1-PC-per-user model, the energy savings for the 'Innovation Classroom' computers at the Manuel

Lakeside School: a Userful case study in Costa Rica
Lakeside School
Costa Rica
Lakeside School was able to give more students access to computers, as well as lower their energy use and cost, with the eventual goal of shifting to solar powered computer labs.

Warsaw Public Library: a Userful case study in the USA
Warsaw Public Library
Indiana, USA
Warsaw Community Public Library saved thousands of dollars in IT costs and time with Userful Desktop.

La Salle Latacunga School: a Userful case study in Ecuador
La Salle Latacunga School
The Userful MultiSeat solution has made it possible for the La Salle School to provide more computers for their students and for teachers to guide and supervise their work easily with monitoring and control tools.

Autopartes Fraga: a Userful case study in Costa Rica
Autopartes Fraga
Costa Rica
With Userful MultiSeat Linux, Autopartes Fraga has improved the way they do business. Today they have more happy clients, accurate tracking of sales information, easy to use point of sale terminals, more workers with computer skills, and a growing business.

Birchwood Art Gallery: a Userful case study in Canada
Birchwood Art Gallery
Birchwood Art Gallery was looking for ways to reduce their technology costs while improving customer service.

The Valle Real Americano School: a Userful case study in Mexico
The Valle Real Americano School
Powered by Userful software, the Valle Real Americano School is one of the first private schools at the forefront of desktop computing technology in Mexico, offering the most efficient and low cost technology both operationally and administratively to each of their students and employees.

Government of Veracruz: a Userful case study in Mexico
Government of Veracruz
The Government of Veracruz is very satisfied with the solution's low cost, high performance and ease of management. They have found that Userful eliminates ongoing maintenance costs and reduces their hardware costs by 60%.

IEPROES: a Userful case study in El Salvador
Superior Education Specialized Institute for Health Professionals of El Salvador
El Salvador
The Institute expanded computer access to their teachers and students by multiplying the number of workstations per PC.

San Calixto School: a Userful case study in Bolivia
San Calixto School
They saved 40% on hardware as compared to a traditional PC-per-station solution, and benefited from additional savings on software by choosing a Linux solution over Microsoft Windows.


Virtual Desktops

Empower Students and Faculty with Virtual Desktops

Empower Learning with Virtual Desktops

Considering deploying desktop virtualization (VDI) can sometimes seem complex and expensive. Not anymore. Userful Multiplatform is designed to make it simple and affordable for any school to virtualize desktops, even with few IT resources and a lean budget. Used by over one million people, including the world's largest desktop project with the Brazilian Ministry of Education, you can quickly and easily empower students and faculty. Create desktops and manage the solution with a web app all for just $179 a desktop.

Provide exceptional performance of a stand-alone PC that students and faculty expect even with the most demanding applications like playing multiple HD videos. Compared to complex virtualization products that encode and decode data from a data center, a simplified server appliance completes all processing on the central PC which results in visibly better and faster performance. You can also deliver a choice or mix of Microsoft™ Windows, Linux and cloud, like Google Chrome, to desktops and digital signs within a local area network.

Virtualizing Desktops

From desktops to digital signs

  • Power endpoints, from desktops to digital signs, with 1 standard Core i7 PC

  • Broadcast alerts ranging from green announcements to red emergencies

  • Instantly push out resources like links and software updates

  • Reduce operating costs like electricity and capital costs like computer hardware

  • Replace the three-to five-year PC refresh with a seven-to-ten year technology lifespan

Video introducing Userful Multiplatform

"If you want to find a desktop PC for probably the lowest price you've ever seen, Userful is making that possible."

- PC Magazine

Designed for Education

VDI technology has proven to have substantial advantages over current desktop computing including cost savings, energy savings, decreased staff hours to maintain student computers, improved performance for students, improved security, and increased flexibility in supporting software.

Join us for a webinar to learn about the advantages of VDI. Please provide your contact information and we will send you a webinar invite that suits your schedule.

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