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Affordable, Flexible and Simple Desktop Computing Solution for Schools

Learning in classrooms around the world has moved beyond books into a limitless wealth of online access to content and tools that empower students and teachers to connect to resources and communicate with subject matter experts, no matter where they are located. Underlying connected learning is a reliable computing infrastructure that meets the most demanding multi-media performance needs of any learner, but is a sustainable solution to implement, scale and maintain.

The facts about zero client computing

Centralized computing platforms that power teaching and learning are the next generation of computing. Any standard computer today has more than enough computing power for searching for content online, creating projects or new multimedia content, communicating using video or text email, blogs and social media, and consuming content like streaming videos, or through productivity and learning apps. With a traditional computing model of one computer for each student, a large portion of computing power sits idle. A new centralized client model for computing enables educators to provide high performance computing with increased flexibility across multiple operating systems to more classrooms, teachers and students, with the same or reduced budget.

Userful Software Platform

Empowering connected learning

Desktop Virtualization Infographic with Userful

Students and educators need to access learning using a multitude of computing devices in a classroom. With Userful software, educators can create technology-enabled collaborative learning environments without investing in complex computing infrastructure or an array of proprietary devices. Educators can invest in Userful Multiplatform software to enable one computer to power up to twenty computer stations located anywhere within a network.

Userful Multiplatform includes a Linux-based operating system which can also virtually deploy Microsoft Windows or cloud-based operating systems like Google Chrome to all or a mix of connected computer stations to increase mixed environment flexibility and greatly reduce software licensing costs.

An ideal complement to the Userful Multiplatform solution is the Userful Desktop software solution which enables educators to create cloud-managed desktop computer stations that can be managed from any device. Userful Desktop offers a mix of pre-configured desktop environments that can be customized based on educator and student needs in any learning environment, and can only be altered through administrator access.





Userful Multiplatform software

Userful Desktop public computing software

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Userful Multiplatform™ computing platform allows up to 20 displays, workstations or touchscreens, each with a choice of OS or browser computing, to be powered and managed from just 1 host PC or server.
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Userful Desktop™ public computing platform delivers computing power with integrated desktop applications or rich content to twenty computers, kiosks or digital signs from a standard, central computer.