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Corporate Campaign 1

Leaders in Enterprise AV-over-IP Resource List

Positioning / Key Message

Userful has been named worldwide market leader for software-defined AV-over-IP by Maia Research in its 2021 study of the global AV-over-IP market.  Their research affirms that Userful leads in sales globally and has been disrupting the hardware based AV-over-IP market by improving security, scalability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

According to Maia Research’s study, AV-over-IP is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry (projected to grow from $3B in 2021 to $51B by 2027), with software-based AV-over-IP expected to grow significantly faster than hardware-based AV-over-IP. Maia Research named Userful the global sales leader in Software based AV-over-IP this year noting it’s disruptive platform model for delivering AV-over-IP.  Userful is on track to continue taking market share from traditional hardware based AV-over-IP solutions in the years to come.

According to Maia research’s 2021 study of the global AV-over-IP market, enterprise organizations make up the vast majority of the AV-over-IP market with Corporate, Education and Government customers representing more than 85% of the total. Given their vast and distributed nature, IT departments are turning to AV-over-IP to ensure they can securely and efficiently deliver visual services, such as control rooms, corporate signage, manufacturing operations (SCADA), data metrics, and IoT services across their networks to stakeholders world wide. Maia’s research report named Userful's Visual Networking Platform the software leader in AV over IP in part because it has been helping enterprise companies do exactly this.  With a centrally managed, global solution Userful enables users to securely display any content source onto any screen anywhere in the world in real time.