Press Release | 2018

Introducing the Userful Cloud

March 28th, 2018, Calgary, AB
At the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Userful, an industry leader in video wall software, has launched Userful Cloud, a powerful solution giving customers complete centralized remote control and automation of their video walls.

Manage a multi-location deployment as a single system.

Userful’s new cloud management allows remote operators to take control of the keyboard and mouse of that video wall just using their browser. They can also centrally manage content, schedule preset changes and view all their video walls in real time using a USB camera on site.

“This is the only solution that tackles and automates the complex problem of video wall management and support across multiple locations. In the past, often been treated in one-off labor-intensive ways: more of the management done on site. With the release of our cloud management platform, Userful changes that. It’s now easy to manage a multi-location deployment as a single system, with central control and management across all sites by logging in to one browser.” -  Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful’s

Userful cloud enables customers to get more out of their video walls. It gives access to all the advanced features of the world's fastest growing and most flexible video wall solution from your browser anywhere in the world. Delivering complete management flexibility through the cloud gives customers the confidence they need to deploy complex video wall scenarios without worrying about onsite support.

Userful cloud is a secure interface that passes through any firewall to allow remote access.  It includes alerts, usage statistics and provides an easy to use dashboard with a drag and drop interface and key health and well-being information displayed for all systems at a glance.  Simply log into the cloud portal and a customer can view what’s displayed on any screen or video wall in the deployment in real time.

About Userful

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada with offices around the world, Userful powers the biggest, boldest and best video walls worldwide. Today we have grown to become one of the world's leading infrastructure software companies that makes it simple to drive and manage any video wall project without compromising performance, flexibility, and price.