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Diamond Decisions

Userful Diamond Decision is the native application of The Userful Visual Networking Platform that offers a single solution for the aggregation, distribution, and management of mission-critical information.
Diamond Decisions logo and Userful manager interface, displaying data dashboards and websites

Unlimited Dynamic Sources

Add any content source (Native Web Browsers, VNC, RTSP/RTP etc.) with no extra licensing costs.

Flexible Workflow

Empower a higher level of workflow flexibility with a system built around IT standards and protocols. Easily increase the number of screens on your system regardless of geographic location and efficiently share, add, change, or delete sources of information using the same platform.

Control Room Solutions Key Features


Aggregate Sources


Choose How to View
(custom layouts)


Choose Where to View


Interact in Real-Time


Diamond Decisions Key Features


Requires no customized software. Interact with Diamond Decisions directly from an HTML 5 enabled browser.

Interactive Viewer (soft KVM)

Allows you to take direct control of any Interactive Source, right from the Diamond Decisions application.

Drag and Drop

Turn your video wall or LED wall into a large canvas and intuitively place windows free form to create your custom workspace, in real-time. Full control from a browser, no apps required.

Advanced Layouts & Scaling

Quickly scale windows across multiple displays or populate sources side by side.

Source Types Natively Supported

Web/HTML browser, HDMI Capture up to 4K60, native media player, optional CMS platform, VNC and RDP remote desktop clients, RTSP streams.


Programmatically interact with the video walls and displays using third-party applications.

Diamond Decisions Data Sheet

Download datasheet for summary full feature list.

Download Data Sheet
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