Modern Library Awards: Multi Year Platinum Award 2017

Userful Desktop wins Multi-Year Distinction Platinum Award 2017!

Userful Desktop was named Product of the Year from Modern Library Awards 2015, and has received the Platinum Award in 2015, 2016 and again for 2017. The honour was voted on by over 80,000 librarians who voted Userful Desktop as the most flexible, secure, and simplest public computer solution on the market.


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Simplify your public computing with Userful Desktop. The fully integrated desktop virtualization solution is uniquely designed for public computing to enhance patron experience and keep your library under budget.

Eliminate the high cost and complexity of the traditional PC solution by powering up to twenty public access desktops through one, central PC. Patrons will enjoy the wide variety of applications for any age or ability, the security of locked-down desktops, plus time and print management. Staff will also save valuable time by monitoring and managing all desktops through a single web app and letting Userful take care of all the updates through the cloud.

Userful Multi Year MLA Platinum Award 2016
Userful Product of the Year Award 2015
Userful Modern Library Award 2015

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