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The Solution For AV Supply Chain Delays

Userful’s software-driven AV-over-IP solution delivers security, scalability, and flexibility for any AV deployment. In today’s time of supply chain delays, we are leading the way in ensuring customers can deploy on time!
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"We have a client that specified a need for an AV-over-IP hardware-based solution but due to supply chain constraints and wait times of over one year, the project was at risk of failing. We contacted Userful to move the client to a software-based AV-over-IP solution, which can be deployed to meet our aggressive timeline.”
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Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have been causing problems in just about every industry, the audiovisual industry included. The challenge for the AV industry has been exacerbated by the dependence on specialized and proprietary hardware.

The good news: AV solutions no longer need to be dependent on specialized proprietary hardware. Userful can accelerate your deployments and free you from the supply chain delays that have been hampering your business.


The explanation is simple

Userful provides flexibility, hardware choice, and a variety of procurement options.


Userful uses commercially available off-the-shelf hardware.


Userful supports cloud-based servers making deployments far more streamlined.


In cases when a server is needed on site, it can be purchased from HP, Lenovo, or Dell.


Userful integrates directly with LG webOS displays cutting dependence on supply chain constraints.

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Disruptive, made-in-Calgary AV technology addresses industry supply chain issues

Supply chain disruptions have caused massive delays in delivering specialized audio-visual (AV) hardware in the first half of 2022, prompting large enterprises to scramble...

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Calling all AV integrators and customers!

Tired of waiting on specialized hardware that is holding up your deployments? Userful’s software-defined AV-over-IP Platform...

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Userful’s software-defined AV-over-IP solution

According to AV Magazine companies are experiencing ridiculously long wait times for specialized AV hardware. We bet that Userful’s software-defined AV-over-IP solution...

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Solution For AV Supply Chain Delays

AV and IT have been massively affected by disruptions in the supply chain leading to major delays in procuring specialized proprietary hardware with estimated wait times as long as 52 weeks...

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AV Supply Chain Delays

We have heard from customers and partners that wait times for specialized AV hardware is extremely delayed and can take 52 weeks or more. We guarantee we can beat any of your supply chain delays including holdups from AV hardware companies such as...

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Filling the gap for specialized AV hardware delays

Userful is filling the gap for specialized AV hardware delays by providing an AV-over-IP solution that can turn a 52-week lead time into 0...

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Improvement in suppy chain challenges

According to a recent article in AV Magazine , the ability to source hard-to-find specialized AV hardware...

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Industry Supply Chain News


Which AV Suppliers ‘Blew Chunks’ During Supply Chain Crisis?

Integrators vent about suppliers who ‘don’t give a rat’s butt,’ pushed delayed orders into new pricing, or offered minimal communication.

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Rave Pubs


The Supply Chain Gap — Is It Our Own Fault?

I have had people reaching out and asking if I knew where they could find a multitude of products, ranging from DSPs with Dante ports to LCD displays to Level 3 Network switches to Video over IP products...

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Data Projections

A Strained Supply Chain is Affecting the AV Industry

Supply chains into the U.S. have been thrown into chaos, and the AV industry is starting to feel the effects. AV integrators, in response...

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AV Network

How Software Alternatives Can Address Hardware Supply Chain Issues

Given current AV product shortages, the door is open to explore new solutions and products that may be considered less popular or unconventional.

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AV Magazine

Supply chain shortages drive shift to software solutions

The shortage of bespoke chips is accelerating the migration of audio solutions from hardware to software, according to Audinate and QSC.

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AV Magazine

How to overcome supply chain shortages in 2022

Roland Hemming identifies the fundamental problems that make AV vulnerable to shortages and outlines strategies for working around them.

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AV Magazine

Crestron reveals improvement in suppy chain challenges

Crestron’s ability to source hard-to-find components is beginning to improve but supply chain difficulties will not be eased fully until spring 2023...

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AV Network

A Solution to the AV Industry's Supply Chain Debacle?

Today’s supply chain issues started around the time that COVID-19 began and were compounded by strong consumer demand in the pandemic’s wake...

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