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Userful Control Center

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  • Control and manage sources
  • Interact with a video wall
  • Set up and configure displays
  • Remotely monitor a video wall
  • Manage multiple displays from a single interface

Display Management

View the real-time status of each display and update specific display information such as Display Name, Location Tags, and Ip Address to make managing and troubleshooting large numbers of displays easier

computer monitor displays userful ucc software
userful software displays calibration screens

Display Configuration

Grid Layout

Configure displays in an equidistant grid or in a synchronized rotation. This layout allows users to adjust the video wall size (number of displays), display assignment, padding between displays and color calibration in an equidistant layout.

Artistic Layout

Configure video wall in free layout and create more appealing and interesting display arrangements

Mapping Sources

Move displays via a drag-and-drop interface to the desired source and play synchronized content.

Besides different roles, Mapping page also provides the status of each display and reorder the display connected.

Save multiple display mapping configuration for future use.

userful software sources and displays layout

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