Webinar, speakers from Userful, LG Electronics, Skysoft, for Unified Digital Communication in Airports & Transportation Centers

On-Demand Webinar

Unified Digital Communication in Airports and Transportation Centers

Enabling the free flow of data between multiple stakeholders

Traditionally, airports and transportation center departments outsourced different technology for digital signage, information displays, advertising, and operational displays—creating data silos between departments and distinct systems to manage and maintain. 


Today, these sectors have the opportunity to enable the free flow of data between multiple stakeholders by digitizing both the front and back end of the transportation journey and centralizing data acquisition and dissemination around IT practices.


This roundtable brings Subject Matter Experts from Userful, LG Business Solutions, and Skysoft to discuss how to leverage unified platform technologies to improve communication and collaboration in large transportation centers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why you should digitize the front and back-end of the transportation journey
  • How to design for interoperability & interconnectivity
  • How to create effective digital and visual communication to multiple stakeholders
  • How to manage compliance, audit trails and training with new technology
  • How to optimize for data acquisition, aggregation and dissemination around IT practices