Webinar, Ask Userful Anything! presented by Corey Nishihata, Sales Engineer at Userful

On-Demand Webinar

Ask Userful Anything Interactive Webinar

In this webinar, Userful will present several customer case studies, with deep technical coverage of the customer’s challenges and Userful’s solution, and then you, the audience, get to ask us anything.

That's right - you can ask Userful literally anything by joining this one-hour open Q&A webinar hosted by two of our Sr. Sales Engineers and a VP from our Executive Team.

  • Ask us about our software.
  • Ask us about deployments.
  • Ask us about our solutions.
  • Ask us for our opinions.


This one-hour webinar is dedicated to answering your questions and finding out more about what interests you and how we can help. We will also cover a few real-life use cases from control rooms and operation centers to multi-location projects.