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Userful Webinar, All you Need to Know about Hardware vs Software Solutions for Control Rooms, by Jennifer Robinson, Shane Vega, Dan Griffin

On-Demand Webinar

Hardware Vs Software Solutions For Control Rooms

The AV industry is in the midst of a change from hardware-centric solutions to solutions that are software and network-driven.

It’s important that team leaders looking to deploy new solutions for an operation center or control room today understand the range of options available and the pros and cons of both hardware-centric and software-centric solutions. 

This round table will feature Control Room Subject Matter Experts with a combined 20+ years of experience working in mission-critical environments.

They will discuss sharing the convergence of AV and IT, infrastructure & technology considerations including security and interoperability, will examine issues related to the network, hardware, and software support, and give advice for decision-makers on how to evaluate and compare both hardware and software-based offerings.


In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • Understanding IT Modernized Services Architecture
  • Three Laws of Compute: Storage, Memory, and Network
  • How to Optimize for the Network
  • IT Standards in Communication Protocols
  • Understanding of the pros and cons to both hardware-centric and software-centric solutions