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Userful’s Latest Release Revolutionizes the AV Industry With Cutting-Edge Advancements

Daniel Hurtado
Daniel Hurtado
Product Line Manager - Applications

Userful's Infinity Platform, with its suite of AV applications built on IT standards and protocols, enables organizations to effortlessly distribute, control, and manage any content source on any display. In the latest release, Userful proudly introduces its most recent innovations, setting a new standard for excellence in the AV industry. With a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Userful continues to redefine the way organizations harness the power of audiovisual technology.

Let’s explore the release: 

Unmatched Processing Power

Userful integrates NVIDIA's most advanced GPU, Ada Lovelace, into its Chronos Video Engine on the Infinity Platform. This strategic collaboration elevates Userful's solution to the forefront of software-defined AV over IP platforms. Through rigorous benchmarking, Userful's platform demonstrates up to double the computing power of its closest competitor and an astonishing 24 times the computing power of traditional proprietary hardware. With a throughput compute of 96 4K60FPS, Userful establishes itself as a leader in high-power video and audio processing.





Leading the 8K Frontier

Userful’s engine delivers unparalleled 24 8K60FPS encoding capability, complemented by the introduction of the industry's first enterprise-class 8K decoder, the 8K performance uClient adapter. This innovative combination enables the aggregation of multiple sources into a single 8K stream, facilitating seamless delivery to 8K LED controllers and displays. Leveraging real-time aggregation technology, Userful empowers organizations to achieve optimal performance and cost-effectiveness in control room and video wall deployments.


Secure & Low Latency Operations Control

Userful enhances uConduct 2.0, a browser-based soft-KVM solution specifically designed for operations centers. This new version comes with enhanced latency and security features, aimed at streamlining workflows while ensuring secure and low-latency performance. Whether users are offline or online, uConduct guarantees enterprise-class security and offers significant cost reductions per operator compared to alternative solutions. It enhances the way operators manage and interact with multiple sources from their workstations by providing a seamless, secure, and efficient means of accessing and controlling diverse sources. The solution aims to improve operational efficiency and promote collaboration within control rooms, command centers, and other critical environments. It leverages real-time data with less than 100 milliseconds delay for minimal data transmission and processing time, ensuring swift and responsive operations.




Browser-based AV Controls

Userful's uControl 2.0 introduces browser-based AV controls, offering a simplified remote control touch interface that allows users to manage content across multiple destinations simultaneously. This updated version enables both layout switching and whole-enterprise environmental switching. With the touch of a single button, users can activate different layouts and sources (audio/video) on various screens and rooms. Scalability testing has confirmed support for up to 200 active screens and LED walls.




Advancing Audio Service Management

In partnership with Digigram, Userful enables next-generation audio service management capabilities with Dante compatibility. By leveraging extensive experience in source management, Userful provides intuitive mapping of single audio sources to multiple enterprise AV applications. Through the integration of Dante Audio, Userful enhances functionality and effectiveness in audio management.




Industry-Leading Endpoint Management

Userful leads the industry with comprehensive endpoint management support, encompassing WebOS, Android, Tizen, Novastar, and Megapixel controllers. By deploying soft clients at the edge, Userful optimizes hardware resources while enabling comprehensive display monitoring and management functions on the corporate network. With the latest release, Userful can now manage power to any uClient and select DV-LED controllers, including scheduled power management with timezone considerations.




Epic Integration for Healthcare

The new integration allows Epic healthcare customers to connect their Infinity platform to their Epic platform to visualize operational data. In the initial phase, customers can create charts for hospital patient wait times by department. This ensures hospitals can monitor wait times and other key scorecard items, and deliver this information in real-time to operational teams.



To explore the full extent of Userful's latest advancements and learn more about the exciting features introduced in the 12.8 release, dive into the detailed release notes and changelog.

Daniel Hurtado
Product Line Manager - Applications