Last week we were at the LG Tech Tour event in Los Angeles. This one-day event is part of a series of meet and greet that LG Business Solutions hosts. These are a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the latest in display technology solutions.

In this edition our VP of Products, Rob Miller gave a very interesting presentation about How software is changing the world of AV-over-IP, Video walls will never be the same. In it, he talked about how delivering digital content to displays over the network is revolutionizing the AV industry, and how it is changing the landscape of digital display.

We live in a world of constant connectivity and interconnectedness and AV-over-IP is how AV solutions connect to the vast world of IoT, of interactivity, and interconnectedness. Sources can be ‘any’ and ‘many’: any display, any source including desktop PC outputs, video cameras, media players, satellite/cable boxes and more. It’s a new and better method to distribute audio and video and it’s rapidly changing what’s possible in the AV industry.

Here are some photos of the presentation:

Also, we just put up our Events page, where you can check out where is Userful going to be next. We got a lot of exciting things happening and will be showcasing them at these events, so keep an eye on as there may be one near you.

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