Userful Video Wall in Control Rooms, Command Centers and Nocs.

Userful Control Room for Transportation

We have just unveiled our most recent video Userful Video Wall for Control Rooms, Command Centers and Network Operation Centers (NOC). It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the features that makes Userful the ideal solution for control rooms and command centers.

You will see how easy Userful makes it to deploy a video wall for better data visualization and analysis and for a more efficient team collaboration. A Userful video wall is the ideal way to ensure you’re making informed decisions in your control room.

Userful is a flexible and powerful solution, a platform that allows staff to display content from just about any source in different zones within a video wall. And what’s more, they can easily switch the content and video wall layout with just a button. This video shows how easy it is for an operator to take control of the mouse and keyboard of any zone within a video wall for real time interaction.

Or click here to watch the video.

Visit our website for the latest information on the Userful video wall, and learn more about video walls in control rooms, by visiting our Control Room Video Wall page.

We also wanted to remind you that Userful is on the largest online database for AV products and services, AV-iQ. Visit it here and bookmark it as reference for your future projects!

Video Wall News | July 2017
Userful is now in AV-iQ, the world’s largest AV ma...
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