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Video walls don’t have to be complicated

The Visual Networking Platform

When most people think about video walls issues like cost, complexity and performance often come up as roadblocks. However, we have come up with a new solution that eliminates the stress and confusion of setting up a stunning video wall.

The new Userful Network Video Wall creates a solution that allows anyone to transform a space with a brilliant, ultra-high-definition video wall. It brings immense value to any business or organization in the essential areas of:

     • cost-efficiency
     • clarity of presentation
     • ease of system administration


With the increasing demand for video walls, there has to be a solution that is extremely simple for anyone to deploy and manage. Userful is that solution. It provides stunning 4k video walls in grid or artistic layouts with many beneficial features including:

  • delivered over a standard network, enabling the server to be located in any room
  • uses standard hardware, no specialized cards or expensive hardware required
  • efficiently supports intuitive and simple setup, enabling anyone to easily deploy
  • browser-based management creates simple drag and drop configuration from one device simply scale up to 25 displays in any grid or artistic layout you can dream up

This extremely simple solution enables just about anyone even with limited IT background to capture an audience. Userful Network Video Walls are ideal for retail stores, healthcare centers, educational institutions, hospitality, casinos, museums, galleries, lobbies, and a variety of other businesses.

Anyone can afford this unique video wall solution by dramatically reducing hardware, software and electricity requirements traditionally needed by alternative solutions. So, let’s keep it simple. Save money and deploy simply stunning video with the new Userful Network Video Wall.


How it works:


The Visual Networking Platform