Rapid, complete, frictionless communication is the currency that buys organizations succeed in today’s highly business environment, in industries ranging from transportation to telecommunications. Video and visual content are the core assets that back that currency. Userful has been an innovator in helping organizations leverage their video and visual content since it was founded.

That innovation continues with our new visual networking platform for the enterprise, which includes powerful and user-friendly software and a cloud platform that provides a unified solution for all visual communication needs within the enterprise—from communication to collaboration, and operations—all delivered on a standard IP network and centrally managed. Leveraging the flexibility of a visual network platform to power all requirements in a multi-site environment is a key strength for organizations wanting to effectively utilize their display assets.


The Products and How They can Help Your Business

1. All your visual applications from a single solution

Userful Enterprise software effectively delivers content from any source to any combination of screens, in a real-time and centrally managed environment. The flexibility of the architecture and its set of features—including content scheduling, remote desktop sharing and virtual keyboard-video-mouse (KVM)-like interaction—enables organizations to leverage video content for many applications: control rooms and security centers, meeting rooms, dashboards and KPI visualization, lobby and common areas, manufacturing and logistics, digital signage and more.

2. Sick of all that hardware?

Userful Cloud is here to significantly reduce costs as the first industry solution to fully eliminate any hardware requirements for visual applications. It moves the functionality of Userful Enterprise to the cloud providing flexible visual content management to AV/IT teams managing multiple sites. Userful Cloud includes a secure interface that enables remote access from a browser to manage all visual content in real-time.

3. No more media players, cables, and extenders?

The uClient app loads onto smart signage displays and replaces thin clients, media players, cables, extenders, and other hardware typically required to display content on screens throughout an organization. uClient connects the visual networking platform with the family of webOS-enabled LG digital signage displays and includes a wide range of advanced features, such as zones, scheduling, cloud storage space, display synching for video walls, and more. Content is delivered directly to the display from the network and is the first solution to support video wall management in its many forms.

Principal applications for the visual networking platform include, but are not limited to video walls, mirrored displays, single displays, data visualization, digital signage, interactive content, and art displays. Among the many use cases for platforms include:

  • Dashboard and data visualization - video wall and single-screen access to operational, marketing, and sales data, as well as personnel performance
  • Lobby and commons - an immersive and interactive experience for customers
  • Home advertising - digital signage through stores, airports, malls, billboards, and smart cities. Meeting rooms - workflow collaboration
  • Mission-critical, control room, and corporate security - monitor operations and mission-critical activities for fast decision making
  • Manufacturing, operations, and logistics centers - team and facility-wide visualization of supply chain and logistics data


Deploying the visual networking platform makes visual content available to all departments within the organization and can improve operating efficiency up to 80 percent while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40 percent or more.

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