Digital displays are popping up everywhere. We have previously talked about how video walls are being used in all sorts of scenarios—from control rooms, to building lobbies, advertisement, retail, hospitality and entertainment, and even at tradeshows and conferences.

It is this last example that I wanted to talk about today. Tradeshows are events where companies showcase the newest and best of their product lines and attract potential customers to their booths. We all know how an amazing video wall can cut through the clutter and attract and engage audiences. This is why so many people are now including them in their booths.

Unfortunately, portability and video walls don’t always go well together. Mounting a video wall can be a complicated affair—it takes real precision for your video wall to look good. The good news is that there is a solution that makes installing portable video walls really simple.

RPT Motion recently unveiled a great PopUp Portable video wall mount, and made a video (see below) showing us how quickly and easily you can set up a 2x2 grid video wall. Watch this video: it takes under 5 minutes.


Designed for ease of use, portability and scalability

Some of the main features in these mounts are:

  • Modular stacks allow you to deploy up to 4-high video walls, and you can link as many of these stacks together to get video walls as wide as you want.
  • They are easy to carry/roll (without displays they can easily fit through doors, elevators etc.)
  • Their 3-axis of adjustment allow for great precision.


The perfect video wall system

Mounts and displays are really important, but so is the video wall controller driving your displays. Userful, as you may have seen in the video above, is the ideal solution to ensure maximum portability and ease of deployment in short timeframes. The Userful server fits nicely at the bottom of the stack, and ethernet switch and zero clients are perfectly concealed behind the displays.


Learn more about Userful’s video wall controller.