Each month Userful publishes Video News, a curated selection of articles about video walls and digital signage.


ISE 2018: Userful Presents Digital Signage Software For Video Wall Applications

Userful’s Emmanuel Boutboul (Sales Manager - EMEA) presents the Userful video wall solution, straight from our booth at ISE, 2018 in this short video from Rave Publications. This year we had our own booth where we showcased a stunning artistic video wall.



Tidal Shift in AV Design

“Take creativity seriously”, says Kevin Jackson, moderator of TIDE talks at ISE 2018. This article presents describes different topics presented at the talks about how creativity flows from the most unexpected places, and how this new economy is not about what you say, but about what you do for the people. As Jackson puts it, “this is the experience economy”.



Digital Signage: How to optimize displays and content to stand out in a crowd

Although content is king, in Digital Signage the quality of the displays plays a crucial role. A stunning video wall with displays with unequal visual quality will distract audiences, and they will quickly lose interest. This article sheds some light on the importance of uniformity across displays and what factors to look for when deploying your signage.



Lifecycle Planning for Agile Control Rooms

Long-term planning can add complexity to the early stages of budgeting as well as design and infrastructure plans, but taking stock of future needs in a strategic, systematic way will ultimately save later. This article provides insight on the lifecycle planning for AV systems in control rooms, for optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO).



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