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Lobby Video Walls: An Investment Pitch

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Many office buildings spend hundreds of thousands on artwork in their lobbies to attract tenants, impress visitors, etc. Video walls deliver more dynamic and impressive results—in more cost-effective ways—and help elevate the building's profile. This article by our own Tim Griffin, emphasizes the benefits of investing in a video wall for your building's lobby.



Command & Control: Looking to Other Markets for Insight

Command and control rooms, opposite to what we may believe, are not only exclusive to airports, police departments, traffic services, oil & gas plants, and other locations where mission-critical monitoring and control is needed. Retail locations, college campuses, and other “not-so-critical” use cases also have control rooms to assist them in their operations. Of course, each has very different requirements. This article sheds some light on the commonalities between different use cases, and what each can learn from the others.



Portable Video Wall Market Value Share, Supply-Demand, share and Value Chain 2017 – 2027

The rise of advanced and digital technology has led to the increased adoption of portable video walls. Portable video walls are creating better display options for promotion, entertainment and communication. This report reviews the portable video wall market for 2017-2027.



Flexible Layouts for Custom Command & Control Rooms

Turns out not everyone is a big fan of digital signage! Luckily, there is plenty of evidence that can help persuade the skeptics and technophobes that digital signage is all the good we claim it is.



2017 in Review: An Industry Perspective

What a year 2017 was! It seems like the AV industry has matured and evolved into a global industry in terms of scale and scope. Many multi-million dollar mergers, and overall the way that system is working nowadays—Manufacturers moving to sell through distributors, rather than directly to consumers, etc.—show that the industry is going for the long haul. This article gives a comprehensive review of all that happened in AV on 2017.




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