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Video Wall News | July 2017

The Visual Networking Platform

Each month Userful publishes Video Wall News, a curated selection of articles about video walls and digital signage.

How to Get Started With Video Walls The Right Way

Deploying a video wall can be an overwhelming experience. In this article, we list 10 tips to make sure your video wall deployment goes smoothly. Read more >>


Control Rooms: Increasing Operator Autonomy

“As the sheer amount of available data increases, control rooms and operators are tasked with increasingly complex responsibilities, therefore it is crucial that their working environment is able to support them”. Learn some key considerations for AV solutions in control room environments. Read more >>


What Items Would Be Included to Your Digital Signage Installation Checklist?

There are countless factors that go into designing a digital signage network. Find out about the smaller details that go unknown, yet always have a tremendous impact on successfully installing a digital signage system. Read more >>


Resolution: The Wrong Spec

“The problem with the resolution spec is that it doesn’t actually relay “perceived” resolution”. Learn when do you actually need more pixel density and not more resolution. Read more >>


The Next Big Thing

Do you know what’s going to be your company’s new profit driver, your Next Big Thing? Find out more about staying ahead of the curve, and not behind, as the years pass. Read more >>


Digital Signage Software Market Report Released

Expect to see the commercial application sector hold the largest share of the digital signage software market by 2023. Learn more from the RNR Market Research report. Read more >>



About Userful

Userful Corporation is a leading infrastructure software company that makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent displays. Read more about our video wall processor solution.

The Visual Networking Platform