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How video walls monitor your company’s performance in real time?

This one is by our very own Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful. In this article, he provides some great insight on how to leverage the use of video walls to visualize your company’s many dashboards and keep better track of your performance metrics.


2 Keys to Systems Integrator Business Expansion

As we move into the future, it is key for AV systems integrators to provide unique turnkey total solutions, and not just limited services. To achieve this, finding strategic partnerships is paramount. This article expands on these two aspects and provide some insight on what AV integrators need to look for.


The State of the AV Industry: Adapt or Die

Of utmost importance in any tech industry, if a company is not willing to change and evolve, it will die. As customers become more educated, and their expectations get higher, system integrators and manufacturers need to step up and deliver. This article points out some of the issues that may affect an AV company’s ability to evolve.


As technology’s rapid advancement continues, what impact will it have on control room operations, and how will operators keep up with the rate of change?

Decision making is no longer restricted to the control room. Given the connected network of the world nowadays, control rooms not only monitor data from field devices, but a vast wealth of data from different sources and performance metrics. This data should be available to all relevant parties, but unfortunately, most of the control room infrastructures nowadays are built on legacy solutions, not designed to support this global connectivity. This article sheds some light on this matter, and offer some answers.


Compression Artifacts: Why Video Looks “Bad”

What is your threshold where a video starts looking so bad, that you have to stop watching? Even though we are used to high video compression, there is a point that it affects the video so much that the experience is so poor, it actually translates into revenue loss. This article identifies different types of compression artifacts, which can help greatly when troubleshooting.


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