In a previous blog we talked about how a video wall could help improve your team’s performance and help you make better business decisions using dashboards to organize and visualize multiple data sources simultaneously.

But whether in a huddle room, a conference room, or an executive suite, video walls need to be able to show more than just dashboards.

Check out our latest video to learn more about this exciting new feature in the Userful video wall controller software, and how it can increase your team’s productivity and communication.



Traditional HDMI Desktop Streaming

Traditionally, in a meeting room (or any collaborative environment) there are either HDMI cables or HDMI-enabled devices connected to the displays, projectors, video walls, etc. that allow people to connect their computers and share their screens.

This approach works well, but it means extra equipment (either the cables or the HDMI devices), as well as the additional labor job of cabling and management.

Additionally, the number of screens that can be shared at a time is limited by the physical number of HDMI ports available. Even if you don’t want to share simultaneous screens you need to keep passing those HDMI cables back and forth as different desktops and laptops connect.


Network Streaming

Another way to share your screens to a video wall is over the network. This is exactly what Userful’s new Desktop Streaming feature allows you to do.

Easily display your computer’s screen on a video wall (or on many video walls actually) using the network instead of HDMI. Just add VNC software to any desktop you want to share. You can add the software to every desktop in the office and then display one or many on a Userful video wall.

The key thing about this approach is that it is all done through the network, so there is no need for additional equipment or cables, and you can have virtually unlimited multiple desktops shared at once, in pretty much any layout you want (either using Zones, Multiwindow, Picture in Picture, etc.).

This gives great flexibility to the video wall solution and great power and control to the team for better collaboration.


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Userful Video Wall Streaming Feature