What is Failover and How Does it Work with Userful

We all know that reliability is paramount in our lives. We have insurance for everything (i.e. life, house, cars… some people even ensure baseball cards, etc.), because we all want to feel safe in the unfortunate event that something bad happens.

In business nowadays, especially when it comes to Information Technology (IT), where an entire company relies on the proper operation of the computing infrastructure, system uptimes is of the utmost priority. Companies invest hefty amounts of money into ensuring the continuous operability of their computing systems.

What does all of that have to do with Userful?

The way Userful delivers video walls so efficiently is by taking a regular, off-the-shelf PC and converting it into a powerful video wall controller or video wall processor that delivers the content via the standard network infrastructure. This approach to video walls is known as AV-over-IP, and it borrows its principles from the IT world.

One of the key features of the Userful video wall controller, also borrowed from the IT world, is automated failover. In simple terms, with Userful you can have a second video wall processor or controller in place (with an identical configuration as the primary one) for redundancy, to ensure continuity in the event that the primary appliance fails.

What is ‘Failover’...

Imagine you have a stunning, ultra large Userful video wall with 64 screens showcasing important information, with all of your screens being powered from the same video wall processor. It is high-priority for you that your video wall runs smoothly non-stop, so you have a second PC in place for redundancy.

Life is good, as you’ve got it all covered with your video wall, but then - all of a sudden - your hard drive fails, and your video wall is down. As quick as possible, the PC's are swapped and everything goes back to normal. That is Failover!

...and how does it work with Userful?

With Userful this feature is called Automated Failover, and what it does (as its name suggests), is automatically have the second PC take over from primary, in the case of a hardware failure. By simply having both video wall processors connected to the same network, the software does all the work of disconnecting the zero clients (and displays) from the primary server and connecting them to the redundant one (all in under 60 seconds).

This is a unique feature in a video wall solution and adds to the long list of functionalities that make Userful a powerful video wall controller and video wall processor. You can have high-performing, highly reliable video walls—with high availability and minimal downtime— and with ultra high-quality content, at a fraction of the cost of other specialized solutions.

Userful Video Wall FailoverDiagram showing how Userful automatic failover feature works with a video wall

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