Userful Photos

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AMJ Technologies Use Case


Userful Multiplatform in Call Centers


Userful Multiplatform Powers Many Displays

AMJ Technologies with Userful   Call Center image for Userful Multiplatform   Userful diagram of the Userful Multiplatform solution

Userful for Medical Clinics 1


Userful for Medical Clinics 2


Userful Powers Multiple Desktops

Medical image 1 for Userful   Medical image 2 for Userful   Row of computers and mice image for Userful

Userful Multiplatform Powers Many Displays


CTO Tim Griffin and Userful Video Wall


Wellness Medical Clinic Use Case

Group of people using Userful Multiplatform   Timvidw Thb   Wellmed Thb

NEA Veterinary Clinic Use Case


Userful in Libraries 1


Userful in Libraries 2

NEA Veterinary Clinic with Userful   Pplcom Thb   Pplcom2 Thb