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What Elvis and I Did On Our Summer Vacation

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Imagine sending an email from Vegas with a photo attached of you and that Elvis impersonator, or a view of the Grand Canyon taken a few hours before - definitely more wow factor than mailing a generic postcard that gets there a week after you return home. But Internet cafes are getting harder to find, and 70% of computer users do not own laptops, so keeping in touch while traveling can be a real challenge.

However, Userful Corporation (http://www.userful.com), a Canadian company considered the worldwide leader in public computing, has a solution. Its pay-per-use Internet Kiosks are a turnkey, headache-free solution for hotels, restaurants and other venues that see large numbers of visitors or tourists.

Userful's unique multi-user system makes it easy to provide Internet access to everybody.  Up to 10 users all work from a single PC by attaching extra monitors, mice and keyboards. There's no IT expertise needed, no worries about viruses or updates, and you can earn substantial revenue. You simply install DiscoverStation, set pricing and policies through the net-based customization panel, sell prepaid cards and you're ready to go. As well, all the software for the kiosks is included for free.

"DiscoverStation is a great way to make money" says Jude Joseph, President & CEO of Calgary-based Netsys Computers Inc. "It has been a fantastically successful product for us and now accounts for more than 85% of our revenue."

"It reduced our time spent administering the public computers by 95%," adds Dr Rebecca Brown, Coordinator of Public Services, City of Takoma Park, MD.

"Millions of venues have heavy visitor and tourist traffic, yet few of them have the IT expertise and capital outlay required to set up and run an Internet kiosk. Userful is now giving away the software and support required to setup and run an Internet kiosk in your location in exchange for a percentage of the revenue," says Tim Griffin, President of Userful Corporation. "DiscoverStation lets you get started for free."

Postcards are so 20th century. Get out the digital camera and share your vacation as it happens. Userful has the kiosk market "all shook up" and Elvis would be proud. For more information, please visit http://kiosks.userful.com

Privately held and founded in 1999, Userful was recently named Alberta's 10th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue.

About Userful

Userful is the global developer, pioneer and industry leader in Multi-station Linux computing: the high-performance, low-cost alternative to thin clients. Userful's powerful software transforms standard PCs to support up to 10 simultaneous monitors, keyboards and users, and has brought affordable desktop computing to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. www.userful.com