Userful to Showcase Turnkey Desktop Computing Solution at CLA Conference and Tradeshow in Victoria, BC

Userful Desktop provides simple computing for library patrons through integrated solution

Calgary, Canada -- May 26, 2014 -- Userful Corporation is thrilled to be attending the 2014 Canadian Library Association (CLA) National Conference and Trade show in Victoria, British Columbia, taking place from May 28th to May 31st.

In booth 45, Userful will be showcasing their Userful Desktop™ software solution, which is ideal for libraries looking to upgrade their computing power with a turnkey, locked-down desktop solution while saving valuable time and money. Libraries across the world have relied on Userful Desktop to provide public computing to patrons for more than ten years.

How it Works

Userful Desktop™ provides a prepackaged computing service software that is simple, high-performance, and cost-effective. Userful Desktop is an efficient model of deploying multiple desktops throughout a library, or across multiple library branches, using only one, centralized computer station.

Patrons can take advantage of the many integrated features that come with Userful Desktop™. Features include privacy control, time and print management, security, internet filters, and a variety applications. The solution is management-free and supported through the cloud by Userful, so library staff won't waste any time adding on, managing, and updating extra software.

From pre-kindergarten age to retirees, everyone can enjoy Userful Desktop™. The software allows you to create multiple computing experiences with different content and applications offered to patrons based on their age or computing needs. The service provides users with over 100 applications offered in over 30 different languages, creating an enhanced computing experience for everyone. You can provide patrons with the same great experience, without having to worry about viruses or privacy issues.

The Userful Desktop™ system powers multiple desktops through one PC, allowing you to save up to 80% on hardware costs. Also, the secure, cloud-managed system allows you to make changes to all desktops.

Tips to Set Up Public Computing in Libraries

Userful Desktop™ will create more options and a better user experience for patrons, while saving your library money, time, and resources. Making the switch is easy, meaning you can spend more time managing your library, not your computers. To learn more about setting up public computers in libraries, Userful has created an eBook that is available for download. It is based on ten years of experience working with libraries that need affordable, locked-down, cloud-managed desktops with automatically integrated features like time and print management to eliminate long deployment times.

Anyone can download the install DVD of Userful Multiplatform to experience first hand the high performance and ease of use of the solution. For more information visit /products/userful-multiplatform

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About Userful

Userful Corporation is a leading desktop virtualization software company that makes it simple and affordable for organizations to implement and centrally manage virtual computers. Userful supports virtualization deployments from desktops to touch-screens and beyond, with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and at the lowest cost on the market. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million virtual computers in over 100 countries and works with zero-client and thin-client devices from world-class partners.

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