Userful to exhibit all-in-one desktop virtualization at Futurecom 2014

Visit Userful in Canadian Pavillion, Hall A, Area C6 to preview 4k network video wall

October 13, 2014, Calgary, AB, São Paulo, Brazil -- Userful Corporation, a leading provider of desktop virtualization solutions, will present its extremely simple, yet high-performance all-in-one virtualization software at Futurecom 2014. The tradeshow, taking place from October 13 to 16, 2014, is the largest gathering of ITC professionals and government delegates in Latin America. Userful, along with Thinnetworks, the Brazilian distributor for Userful software, will showcase it’s exceptional virtualization solution that is designed for any organization to reduce costs while deploying multiple desktops, digital signs, touch screens, and coming soon, 4k network video walls.

With its unique approach to desktop virtualization, Userful software is the simplest and most affordable entry-level VDI solution, making it possible for any organization without large IT teams or big budgets to transition from PCs to the cloud. Userful’s server appliance eliminates the need for a data center. To maximize efficiency, performance and flexibility, the software isolates the operating system and application functionality with containers. It then delivers a concurrent mix of operating systems, apps, user sessions or full virtual machines (VMs) all from the same server appliance to an array of displays ranging from desktop monitors, interactive touch screens and soon beyond to 4k video walls.

Thinnetworks is thrilled to be demonstrating a preview of the world’s first 4k network video wall that scales to twenty-five displays in any configuration from standard matrix to artistically arranged video walls.

“We’ve offered Userful’s solutions for desktops throughout Brazil for years with incredible success,” said Joselio Carnerio, Thinnetworks Product Manager. “It’s a proven platform and we’re incredibly excited to have one of the first opportunities to demo Userful’s 4k network video wall. It’s going to revolutionize video wall installations. We expect huge demand since any customer will be able to afford a high-performance, powerful video wall.”

Userful is also looking forward to showcasing its new and innovative 4k network video wall solution that makes it simple and affordable for any organization to deploy and manage video walls of any size. The server does not need to be placed close to the video wall displays but can sit anywhere on the LAN. Using just a core i7 PC as a server, the video wall can support native 4k content on video, HTML5 and Flash and can also support 3D content. Customers can run 25 screens on up to three simultaneous video walls.

“We’re inviting you to come by the Futurecom booth to learn about the full suite of solutions including a preview of the forthcoming 4k video wall,” said Tim Griffin, Userful Chief Technical Officer. “It’s a revolutionary approach to deploying video walls with exceptional performance, no high end graphic cards, no expensive software to split videos or synchronize images across screens needed.”

Learn more about the Userful solution or preview the world’s first network 4k video wall by visiting the Canadian Pavillion at Futurecom 2014 in Hall A, Area C6 or by emailing to schedule an appointment.