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Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier Highlighted during Novell BrainShare South Africa Keynote

The Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier enables up to 10 people to work at the same time from one standard computer, providing savings of up to 80% on the cost of deploying desktop computers.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa?May 20, 2005?The Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier, developed by Calgary-based Userful, was highlighted during the keynote presentation at Novell BrainShare South Africa 2005.

The NLD Multiplier software enables up to 10 people to work at the same time from one standard computer running the Novell Linux Desktop. Novell demonstrated how the product can accelerate the adoption of Novell Linux Desktop?a secure, Linux-based operating system?and allow schools, businesses and governments in South Africa to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of desktop hardware and software.

"The NLD Multiplier's ability to leverage the Novell Linux Desktop for up to 10 users on one standard computer presents a huge value proposition for our corporate, government, and educational clients," explains Allison Singh, senior Novell Systems Engineer. Singh continues, "Not only does the NLD Multiplier significantly reduce hardware and software costs, but it also results in a 10-to-1 savings on computer management, electricity, and infrastructure costs. This is very important to our customers."

"In South Africa, affordable desktop computing is critical to the growth and future success of the nation," states Lemmy Khumalo, managing director of Imvula Consulting. "With the NLD Multiplier, Linux on the desktop can grow exponentially. The value proposition of allowing 10 users to access one regular computer has tremendous value in developing nations."

The NLD Multiplier is an add-on software product for the Novell Linux Desktop. By adding the NLD Multiplier software, five dual-head video cards, and 10 regular USB keyboards and mice on a single machine running Novell Linux Desktop, up to 10 users can carry out Internet browsing, multitasking, and office productivity work. For computer labs, call centres, Internet cafés, and government departments?where up to 10 workstations are in close physical proximity to one another?the NLD Multiplier can result in considerable savings.

A free trial version of the Novell Linux Desktop multiplier can be downloaded from www.omni-ts.com/linux-desktop.

About Omni

Omni delivers a portfolio of management, security, mobility, messaging and Linux software products for enterprise users of Novell, GroupWise, SUSE Linux, and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.

About Imvula Consulting

Imvula Consulting is the exclusive distributor of Omni products in South Africa. www.imvula.co.za

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For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique Desktop Multiplier multi-station software. www.userful.com.