[Released by ViewSonic Corp., March 15, 2016]

ViewSonic Launches Revolutionary, Cost-Effective Video Wall
Deployment Solutions at DSE 2016

The innovative solutions use network and standard PC hardware to make high-end video walls accessible to anyone

Las Vegas, DSE, Booth #617 (March 15, 2016) — ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces their suite of cost-effective, high-end video wall and video-over-IP solutions. Powered by Userful, the ViewSonic SW-014 Video Wall Deployment Solution and the SW-015 Artistic Video Wall Deployment Solution paired with ViewSonic’s commercial displays deliver flexible and versatile video wall designs.

The first video wall deployment solution to deliver 6K content in real time over a standard Ethernet network, the ViewSonic® solution powered by Userful supports a wide range of content sources, including multiple leading digital signage CMS’s, live TV, multiple simultaneous HDMI and SDI inputs, RTSP, RDP, VNC, full screen web-browser, desktop environments and even a real-time live camera feed. By leveraging existing network infrastructure and a standard PC, the amount of specialized knowledge, equipment, and support teams needed is greatly reduced, which allows for low upfront costs, easy set-up, and little to no maintenance.

The video wall deployment solutions support advanced video wall features at an affordable price, including artistic, mosaic-style video walls (individual displays set to any angle and placed ad-hoc anywhere on the video wall canvas) and multi-zone multi-source video walls (allowing end-user controlled presets to play multiple content streams on different preset zones within the video wall).

“These video wall deployment solutions make high-end video wall deployment affordable” says Gene Ornstead, director of product marketing at ViewSonic. “With simple deployment, easy maintenance and unprecedented flexibility, the SW-014 and SW-015 allows users to deliver virtually any kind of media content to a family of video walls, or independent displays, without breaking the bank.”

Allowing up to 40 displays at 4K resolution by using just a single standard PC and up to 60 displays at 4K resolution with a single high-end PC, these video wall deployment solutions are ideal for event showcasing and advertising; as well as for interactive scenarios, like control rooms and command centers, waypoint information; and one-of-a-kind artistic wall deployments.

Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, says “The video wall market has been expanding rapidly, but high-end video walls are still expensive, and not many people can afford them. This is a cost effective solution that fits great with ViewSonic’s family of commercial display products. With this solution, every AV professional and system integrator will be able to offer a high-end video wall solution without blowing their budgets.”

Video Wall Deployment Solution (SW-014)
The ViewSonic Video Wall Deployment Solution allows users to deploy standard grid video walls, deliver a mix of content to multiple video walls or independent displays. An optional failover server feature ensures high system availability. Easily scalable, users can expand their systems by simply adding an additional zero client media player; and all setup and configuration can be done remotely from a browser-based control panel. Mirror mode allows the system to display the same content simultaneously across multiple video walls and digital signs.

Artistic Video Wall Deployment Solution (SW-015)
The ViewSonic Artistic Video Wall Deployment Solution includes the same features as the SW-014 but with added support for multiple simultaneous sources in preset zones for artistic video wall configurations. Each individual display can be rotated at any angle and placed anywhere within the canvas. The preset zones allow users to display different content within areas of a video wall, and easily change them (ideal for control rooms and high-end public displays). This video wall solution provides high-end advantages; added simplicity and flexibility compared to other artistic/mosaic-style video wall solutions.

Both digital signage solutions are now available with the Video Wall Deployment Solution(SW-014) available with an MSRP of $599.00 and the Artistic Video Wall Deployment Solution (SW-015) available with a MSRP of $999.00.

ViewSonic is showcasing these new solutions at Digital Signage Exposition in Las Vegas March 16th and 17th in booth #617.

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