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Trio of leading Linux innovators makes desktop Linux compelling

Calgary, Alberta (August 3, 2005) - The three most common objections to moving to desktop Linux are: debatable TCO savings, a painful process to move data and settings, and the inability to run key Windows applications. A trio of desktop Linux companies have teamed up to provide a complete pathway to migrate enterprises to desktop Linux, a feat no single company has yet matched. These companies' solutions enable organizations large and small to cost-effectively leverage the Linux desktop and make it attractive and easy to move to the flexible and open desktop platform. Solutions from two of these companies are finalists in the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards.

Userful's Desktop Multiplier software turns one computer into 10, using additional video cards and enables organizations to rapidly deploy Linux desktops to realize 50-80% TCO savings by maintaining fewer computers. Userful's unique solution delivers independent Linux desktops to up to ten users from just one PC, drastically reducing hardware, software and support costs, even more so than the most efficient thin client or blade server solutions.

"A Linux PC on its own might not be more cost-effective than a Windows PC, but on a Linux PC with Desktop Multiplier, the savings are real and multiplied ten-fold," says Tim Griffin, President of Userful. "Deploying the same number of desktops using fewer PCs with Desktop Multiplier indisputably reduces hardware and IT support costs by reducing the number of computers to be supported. Our solution reduces the number of PCs and TCO and also lets organizations use legacy data and applications."

Alacos' award-winning Desktop Migration Agent software enables organizations to easily transfer settings and application data from Windows desktops to Linux to minimize employee downtime during migrations.

"IT professionals from companies of all sizes tell us that migrating users to desktop Linux is an increasingly important need in the enterprise. It was clear from the discussion at LinuxWorld Boston that companies see the cost and support advantages of Linux, but are hesitant to move because they fear the uncertainty of a wholesale migration to Linux," says Glenn Thomas, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for Alacos. "Our Desktop Migration Agent Professional enables IT departments to centrally manage desktop migration and to be in complete control over the migration process."

Win4Lin offers a versatile solution to seamlessly use Windows applications in Linux desktop environments. These environments include Userful's Desktop Multiplier, Desktop Server and DiscoverStation. With Win4Lin products, organizations can continue to use Windows-based mission-critical software during their migration to Linux.

"Companies eager to move to Linux desktops are often constrained the need to maintain legacy Windows applications which none-the-less still do the job. There's a reasonable reluctance to abandon those applications in which they've invested significant time and financial resources," says Mark Hinkle, Win4Lin's Vice-President of Business Development. "Win4Lin tackles that hurdle by giving organizations a way to continue using their legacy Windows applications while still benefiting from Linux on the desktop and strong central workstation management."

The three companies will immediately start offering their combined solutions through both retail and partner channels to cooperatively deliver complete migration paths to meet a wide range of scenarios. They will demonstrate combined and individual solutions at LinuxWorld San Francisco 2005 Exhibit Hall Booth #138 from August 9-11.

About Userful

Userful's 10-to-1 products provide robust platforms to deliver cost-effective multi-user Linux desktop workstations to public computing venues world wide. Userful's Desktop Multiplier software is included in its Desktop Server and DiscoverStation to deliver up to 10 Linux workstations from just one standard PC. Userful will ship solutions integrated with Win4Lin products in fall 2005. Founded in 1999, Userful's strong growth is fueled by vigorous demand for public computing and desktop Linux world wide. Userful continues to gain momentum in a market anxious for affordable alternatives to traditional computers. Userful was recently named Alberta's 15th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue. Userful is a privately held company. Userful's DiscoverStation 4.0, a public-computing operating system with a centralized management and configuration tool, was named as a finalist in the LinuxWorld 2005 Product Excellence Awards in the Best Systems Management Tools category.

About Alacos (www.alacos.com)
Alacos develops desktop and server migration software for large scale IT transformations. Alacos' Desktop Migration Agent Network Server EditionÑwinner of the Linux World Boston 2005 Best Integration ProductÑautomatically moves data, documents, personalized settings, email, and users from multiple Windows computers to Linux computers. The software reduces the average time spent to migrate PC desktops by over 80%. Alacos also provides associated computer migration analysis and consulting services such as migration pilot projects and migration implementation for companies.

About Win4Lin (www.win4lin.com)
Win4Lin is a leading provider of Windows-on-Linux virtualization tools for enabling the Linux Desktop and the Enterprise. Win4Lin Pro™ (a finalist in the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards for Best Integration Solution) and Win4Lin 9X™ allow users to run Windows applications and operating systems on Linux Desktops in a real Windows environment. That means organizations can complete their migration to Linux while still being able to use the business, personal and legacy Windows applications that are not natively available in Linux. Win4Lin Terminal Server allows IT departments to serve real Windows sessions from a Linux server to either PCs or thin clients. IT departments can continue to provide Windows applications and operating system to users from the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of a Linux server.