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Userful Brings 10-to-1 Advantage to Energy Sector

CALGARY, AB (June 7, 2005)  Remote workers will benefit from increased contact with their loved ones and access to on-line training thanks to an innovative public computing solution from Calgary-based Userful. Userful will launch and demonstrate DiscoverStation for Work Sites by providing Internet access to GO-EXPO 2005's projected 18,000 attendees at its Internet café from June 7-9.

DiscoverStation is a unique, maintenance-free computing solution that requires no IT expertise to set up. Companies can use DiscoverStation's 10-to-1 advantage to easily deploy ten robust, fully locked-down Internet access stations to cafeterias, dormitories and common areas at remote work sites using just one PC. At GO-EXPO, DiscoverStation will let up to ten attendees use ten keyboards and monitors to simultaneously check e-mail or surf the web on ten separate stations powered by a single standard PC.

"Attracting and retaining skilled employees is a top priority for the energy industry right now. Enabling remote employees to maintain Internet and voice contact with head office and home will lead to a more satisfied, informed and connected workforce," says Userful President Tim Griffin. "DiscoverStation has so much potential to enrich and improve workers' experiences in the field. We hope this will set the model for remote Internet access points in the energy sector."

Userful's market research shows that access to on-line information through DiscoverStation would provide a valuable benefit to employees and may increase worker productivity and retention.

With DiscoverStation, employers at head offices can provide current information, training and safe relaxation for employees while remote workers can use its rich media features to stay connected with family and friends.

Griffin encourages participants to stop by booth #1808 to learn about the future of Internet access in the oil field.