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Userful Acknowledged as One of Alberta's Fastest Growing Companies

CALGARY, AB (January 10, 2005) - Userful, makers of software that turns one computer into ten, is now ranked among Alberta's fastest growing companies for 2005.  They placed fifteenth on Alberta Venture magazine's list of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Alberta.  Crediting in part the momentum set by the adoption of Desktop Linux worldwide, Userful, has sustained strong and consistent growth since 2002.  Their growth has advanced the development and commercialization of their Linux-based software products, including DiscoverStation and 1-Box.

Tim Griffin, President of Userful, states, "The Linux market is still very young. It is growing extremely fast and offers fantastic business opportunities. Our software offers a ten-to-one advantage over traditional desktop computing, that is a difficult thing to say no to.  We have an early lead in an early market and we anticipate dramatic growth in future years."

Userful's revenues have been steadily climbing since the company's inception in 1999.  In the last two years alone, sales have increased 1,767%, with a 132% increase in net earnings.

Alberta Venture is Alberta's only province-wide business magazine, with a readership of more than 239,800 businesses worldwide.  Although Alberta Venture has published the list of Alberta's Fastest Growing Companies annually since 1998, this was the first year Userful has applied.

Userful's Linux-based software gives organizations a ten-to-one advantage on desktop deployments by allowing up to ten people to work simultaneously off of one computer box.  1-Box software offers a cost-efficient alternative for desktop computing, saving as much as $10,000 per year per PC. Additionally, with less environmental impact 1-Box software offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional computing.  1-Box software will fuel future growth for Userful, as the company expands sales through a global network of partners and resellers.

About Userful

For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique 1-Box multi-desktop software.  Userful's innovation of turning one computer into ten has earned them the status of technology leaders in the field of multi-desktop computing.  With this compelling ten-to-one advantage, Userful has gained a strong presence in the public computing market; its mission is to become the dominant platform for affordable desktop computing worldwide.

Userful's customers include libraries, academic institutions, Internet cafes and commercial businesses across North America, and is sold globally through a network of resellers.

For more information about Userful and 1-Box, visit Userful's online newsroom at press/

About Desktop Linux

Linux on the desktop has grown significantly over the past few years and is gaining worldwide acceptance.  The annual growth rate of Linux has been increasing over the past three years, from fifteen percent in 2001 to forty percent in 2004.  In addition, the market in which new and redeployed PC's run Linux is forecasted to grow to $10 billion and 17 million units by 2008, with an installed base of over 42.6 million units.  Growth in desktop Linux will be particularly strong in key international markets where public government endorsements and policies are boosting visibility for Linux and open source.

Userful is a registered trademark in Canada.  1-Box software is a trademark in Canada, the United States and other countries.  Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.