Webinar: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Video Walls

Thanks for checking out our webinar. We hope it will help you find the 'good' video wall solutions and help you avoid both the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly.’

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@userful.com

So what does Userful offer? Userful makes it easy to deploy just about any video wall, grid or artistic, with up to 100 displays using up to 8k source content. It has advanced interactivity features, an API for integration of third party applications and support for zones allowing multiple sources of content to show on different zones with in the video wall. Get the video wall you need while staying under budget.

We would also like to offer a free personal demo, or personal consultation, of the Userful video wall for anyone wanting to know more. Call 1-403-289-2177 or within North America toll free 1-866-873-7385. Or email info@userful.com.

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